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Even the most experienced developers find it difficult to apply accessibility rules. If you need a second pair of eyes or a helping hand, our experts are here to help.

Looking for an in-house or on-call accessibility expert?


Government agencies, product companies, banks, and start-ups are increasingly choosing to add an experienced accessibility expert to their product teams. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They speak both the language of designers and developers, helping your team quickly reach a high level of WCAG and Inclusive Design knowledge.


Here's what we can do for your team:

  • Test the accessibility of your website, app, Design System, or component library. We evaluate it not just against the WCAG standard but also in practice.
  • Annotate wireframes and perform spot reviews on new designs.
  • Advise and support your team in optimising CI/CD processes to detect WCAG violations early and prevent regression.
  • Answer front-end developers' questions via Jira and one-on-one sessions. We also teach them how to test the accessibility of their code.
  • Help you create (or update) your accessibility statement or VPAT.

Our strengths

  • Eleven Ways is the only consultancy in the Benelux to combine WCAG research and Inclusive User Research.
  • Our consultants have access to an up-to-date Device Lab to test websites or apps with various devices and technological aids.
  • Our senior consultants have more than ten years of experience and are certified by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.
  • Most of our employees have a professional background in UX/UI Design and Web Development.
  • We have experience working with enterprise-level organisations.
  • We provide services in Dutch, French, English, or German.